The Undercut Haircut for Men

The undercut haircut has gained popularity in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. This stylish and edgy haircut involves shorter hair on the sides and back, with longer hair on top. It’s a versatile look that can be dressed up or down, making it suitable for both everyday wear and special occasions. Here’s everything you need to know about the undercut haircut for men.

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How to Get an Undercut Haircut

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To get an undercut haircut, you’ll need to visit a barber or stylist. Start by washing and drying your hair. Then, your barber or stylist will use a comb and a pair of scissors to trim the sides and back of your hair, leaving the top longer. You can choose the length of the top of your hair based on your personal preference, whether it be short, medium, or long.

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Your barber or stylist may also use clippers to create a more precise and even cut. You can choose the length of the sides and back of your hair based on your personal preference, whether it be very short, short, or medium. If you’re not sure what length to choose, your barber or stylist can help you decide based on your face shape and personal style.

Styling Your Undercut

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Once you have an undercut haircut, you’ll need to style it to suit your personal taste. Here are some tips for styling your undercut:

  • Use hair product: To style your undercut, you’ll need to use a small amount of hair product, such as pomade, wax, or gel. Work the product through your hair, starting at the roots and working your way to the ends. Use a comb to style your hair however you like, whether it be slicked back, tousled, or combed to the side.
  • Use a hair dryer: If you want to add volume and texture to your undercut, you can use a hair dryer to set your style in place. Start by applying a small amount of hair product to your hair. Then, use the hair dryer to blow your hair upwards and back, creating a tousled, textured look.
  • Experiment with different styles: The beauty of the undercut is that it’s a versatile look that can be styled in a variety of ways. Experiment with different styles until you find the one that works best for you. Some popular styles for an undercut include the slicked back look, the tousled look, and the combed to the side look.

Maintaining Your Undercut

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To maintain your undercut, you’ll need to visit your barber or stylist every four to six weeks for a touch-up. You’ll also need to use the right hair care products to keep your hair healthy and looking its best. Look for products that are formulated specifically for men’s hair and that cater to your hair type, whether it be oily, dry, or somewhere in between. Avoid using too much product, as this can weigh your hair down and make it look greasy.

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In between haircuts, you can use a pair of scissors or clippers to trim any stray hairs or to maintain the desired length of your undercut. If you’re not comfortable cutting your own hair, you can ask your barber or stylist to show you how to do it.

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Who Can Wear an Undercut?

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The undercut haircut is a versatile look that can be worn by men of all ages and face shapes. However, it’s especially flattering for men with oval, square, or rectangular face shapes. If you have a round face, you may want to avoid an undercut, as it can make your face look shorter and wider.

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When deciding on an undercut haircut, consider your personal style, face shape, and hair type. By taking these factors into account, you’ll be able to find a style that is perfect for you and that helps to enhance your natural features. And remember, it’s always a good idea to consult with a stylist or barber before making any major changes to your hair. They can help you choose the best hairstyle for your face shape and give you tips on how to style it at home.

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